An Open Letter

From Gay Su Pinnell

All of us at The Ohio State University are working hard to support your efforts in reading and early literacy teaching and learning!

Reading at home is an important factor in helping young children learn reading skills early. We would like to contribute to the home reading of children in your school by introducing KEEP BOOKS. These books were especially developed by educators to help children learn effective reading strategies.

We have found that KEEP BOOKS are a wonderful way to establish positive links with parents and caregivers. Teachers introduce the books to children at school and teach them how to take care of them at home. Children take the books home to keep! They learn to be collectors and readers of books at home.

KEEP BOOKS are produced on a not-for-profit basis by The Ohio State University literacy projects.

We hope your children enjoy the stories and increase their skills and love of reading as they read these books. We know that sending books home for students to reread and "keep" has a positive impact on parents as partners in learning. This website provides details of all available KEEP BOOKS sets as well as ordering information.


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