Kindergarten Science Sets

These sets of science KEEP BOOKS for Kindergarten students combine features of early literacy learning while exploring weather-related concepts from Common Core State Standards and Next Generation Science Standards. Each set contains four full-color titles.

In addition to learning about the seasons and weather, children are building reading skills through 1-to-1 voice print match, recognizing high-frequency words, using illustrations to check for meaning, and more. Students will enjoy taking these KEEP BOOKS home and sharing their new learning with their families.

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Through the titles of Winter; Spring; Summer; and Fall, students learn how yearly weather changes (seasons) are observable patterns in daily weather changes. Patterns in the natural world can be observed, used to describe phenomena, and used as evidence.

Set contains 120 books—30 copies of each title—for $150.




Set WS2-COLOR: Through the titles of Rain; Is it Hot or Cold?; May; and December, students learn about weather changes that occur throughout the day and from day to day, and how to describe weather conditions to notice patterns over time.

Set contains 120 books—30 copies of each title—for $150.



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