Raccoon Family Adventures 1 for Reading Lessons

Levels E-H / 7-14

Product RAC1c-GR

The Raccoon Family Adventure Series is available in color with a format for use with individual and small group reading lessons. The resource Teaching Suggestions for a Reading Lesson is included on the inside back covers.

This book set appears on the Reading Recovery approved book list. Full color in larger size (5½” x 8½") with glossy pages throughout.

Add these books to your permanent classroom collection and / or school book room. Set RAC1 is a black and white version for students to take home.

Set Options

  • Available ONLY in Small Group Reading Set Quantity.
  • 6 copies of 8 Full Color Titles / 48 bks


Set Details

Set Information
Order Code Grades Levels
RAC1c-GR Late 1st Grade, Beginning 2nd Grade E-H / 7-14

Titles and Levels
Title GR Level RR Level
A New House - -
Scary Noises - -
Night Games - -
Digging for Dinner - -
The Best Birthday Present - -
Be Careful! - -
Trapped - -
Where Is Papa? - -