Raccoon Family Adventures 1

Small Group Reading Set

Late 1st, Beginning 2nd Grade | Levels E—H / 7—14

The Raccoon Family Adventure Series is available in color with a format for use with individual and small group reading lessons. The resource Teaching Suggestions for a Reading Lesson is included on the inside back covers.

Available ONLY in Small Group Reading Set Quantity.

This book set appears on the Reading Recovery approved book list. Full color in larger size (5½" x 8½") with glossy pages throughout.

Add these books to your permanent classroom collection and / or school book room. Set RAC1 is a black and white version for students to take home.

Titles in this Set

A New House

Scary Noises

Night Games

Digging for Dinner

The Best Birthday Present

Be Careful!


Where Is Papa?

Suggested Uses

Interactive Introductions

Word Study

Language / vocabulary study

Comprehension / discussion questions

Writing ideas to extend the story