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Responsive Literacy: A Comprehensive Framework

Renowned literacy expert Dr. Patricia L. Scharer, former president of the Reading Recovery Council of North America, and her co-authors, all members of the The Ohio State University Literacy Collaborative® founded by Dr. Gay Su Pinnell, demystify the reader s workshop and so much more.

Learn how to create an environment that supports both independent reading and writing as well as interactive, shared, and guided reading and writing. Scharer and her co-authors, among the most knowledgeable and respected literacy educators in the world, share in practical and illuminating detail what it takes to implement exemplary literacy instruction. You can buy Responsive Literacy online from Scholastic.

Guiding K–3 Writers to Independence: The New Essentials

Edited by Patricia L. Scharer and Gay Su Pinnell, this professional text provides a wealth of knowledge to help you achieve the goal of guiding K–3 writers to independence.

The chapters are written by a group of colleagues at The Ohio State University who work together to implement comprehensive literacy programs in elementary schools. They provide a wide range of information about the teaching of writing from kindergarten to grade three.

This book illustrates what effective writing instruction looks like when children have the opportunity to engage daily in the construction of written text with the support of a knowledgeable teacher.

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Responsive Literacy

The six color-coded sections of this book represent the essential components of responsive literacy organized around a comprehensive framework: professional learning, organizing for learning, reading, writing, building blocks of language, and learning community. The colors for each section are then echoed on the edge of the pages so you can find topics easily.

Our goal was to create a reader-friendly book brimming with illustrative photographs, easy-to-navigate charts, and essential understandings to support professional learning and student achievement.

While there is a logical sequence to this book, you can also study sections one at a time depending on your needs and interests.

This book extract explains and previews the content of this professional text.

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