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Letters, Words, and Numbers

Levels F-I / 10-15

Letters, Words, and Numbers set image

Though a lively story format, children are shown how numbers are used in everyday actvities. These books introduce the use of numbers in addition, subtration, counting, making change, telling time, weighing, estimating, and making comparisons.

Numbers are incorporated within the stories becoming one more element of the reading experience.

Set Options

  • Super-Saver 50 copies of 8 Titles / 400 bks
  • Full 25 copies of 8 Titles / 200 bks
  • Mini 5 copies of 8 Titles / 40 bks

Set Details

Set Information
Order Code Grades Levels
LWN Late 1st, Beginning 2nd F-I / 10-15

Titles and Levels
Title GR Level RR Level
"That's Not Fair!" G 11-12
The Contest I 15
Is It Lunch Time? G 11
What a Night H 13
Wait for the Change H 13
The Treasure Hunt I 14-15
Too Many Pets G 12
Clickety-Clack F 10-11