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Letters, Sounds, and Words 1a

Levels A-C / 2-4

Letters, Sounds, and Words 1A set image

This set offers 8 engaging stories for beginning readers placing an emphasis on learning lower case letter forms and a core of high frequency words.

Numbered books offer a progression of text difficulty. In Set Letters, Sounds, & Words 2b (LSW2b) you will find repeated characters at a more advanced level.

Set Options

  • Super-Saver 50 copies of 8 Titles / 400 bks
  • Full 25 copies of 8 Titles / 200 bks
  • Mini 5 copies of 8 Titles / 40 bks

Set Details

Set Information
Order Code Grades Levels
LSW1a Kindergarten A-C / 2-4

Titles and Levels
Title GR Level RR Level
Baby Animals A 2
Patty A 2
Up in the Sky B 3
What Will I Eat? B 3
The Zoo B 3
My Room B 3
I Like To Go C 4
Will You Play With Me? C 4