College of Education and Human Ecology
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Late First 1

Levels G-H / 12-14

Product LF1

This set contains full pages of text with less support from the pictures and enriched vocabulary, which increases the level of text difficulty.

Stories include the fun of a trickster tale, information on fire safety, the excitement of a roller coaster ride, and the return of our favorite, mischievous dog, Mutt.

Set options

  • Super-Saver 50 copies of 8 titles / 400 books
  • Full 25 copies of 8 titles / 200 books
  • Mini 5 copies of 8 titles / 40 books


Set details

Set information
Order Code Grades Levels
LF1 Late 1st, Beginning 2nd G-H / 12-14

Titles and levels
Title GR Level RR Level
The Birthday Present G 12
Monkey Tricks H 13
Mugs H 14
The Gingerbread Man G 12
Mutt Goes to School H 13
The Smoke Detector H 14
Hold On! H 14
The Mystery of the Chocolate Chips G 12