Fact & Fiction 1

2nd Grade

Levels: K—L / 18—20

Relating fact to fiction can make learning fun for children. This set features 8 paired books for focusing on fun topics like thunderstorms, the ocean, sunflower plants, and cats. Each fictional title offers an interesting story that is paired with a factual book on the same topic.

These books are larger (5½" x 8½") and have 16 pages to challenge a self-extending reader.

This product is priced differently from most other sets. It is available only in Super-Saver and Mini. The Super-Saver size for this set includes 25 copies of 8 titles for $200. The Mini size for this product includes 5 copies of 8 titles for $50. There is no Full size for this product.

Titles in this Set

Here Comes a Thunderstorm

A Sunflower Plant Life Cycle

Cats Are Hunters

Oceans All Around Us

Garden Giant

Reece to the Rescue

Mugs Indoors and Outdoors

Beach Days