Keep Books®

Give children the joy of learning to read with Keep Books. Children will enjoy reading these affordable, grade-appropriate books in class and taking them home to re-read. Sending Keep Books home provides extra reading, helps children see themselves as successful readers, and builds a bridge between a child’s most important worlds—school and home.

Children using Keep Books in class

Our books have the text features students need as they develop as readers. Many are leveled and ideal for use in guided reading or independent classroom reading.

When children take Keep Books home they have increased access to quality texts and school-to-home connections deepen.


Fill out the request form and we'll be happy to send you a small sampling of Keep Books for you to see just how they can benefit your students in class, and how you can use them to build bridges between school and home.

KEEP BOOKS Explained

Watch our self-paced module to learn more about Keep Books and how to make the best of these powerful books.


KEEP BOOKS are effective because they:

  • Provide a great deal of easy reading material so children get lots of practice;
  • Include many high-frequency words that children read again and again, thus building word knowledge;
  • Provide opportunities for children to notice how words “work” and learn phonics skills;
  • Make it possible for children to read on their own rather than always depending on adults;
  • Motivate children to write;
  • Build a library of books at home that children can access any time;
  • Help children learn to store, care for, and retrieve books; and,
  • Help children build confidence in themselves as readers.


KEEP BOOKS are affordable. Our typical set includes:-

  • 400 books / Super-Saver 50 copies of 8 Titles for $200
  • 200 books / Full 25 copies of 8 Titles for $150
  • 40 books / Mini 5 copies of 8 Titles for $35