Guide for using My Own Keep Books

Making your own Keep Books

How can I help students write books in the classroom?

My Own Keep Books can be used to reinforce a variety of lessons. Many children enjoy writing their own Keep Book and are easily able to follow the format of their favorite story. My Own Keep Book can become:

  • ABC, color, or number books.
  • Individual stories (All About Me, My Family, I Like…).
  • A word-study book for collecting words with common spelling patterns, synonyms, opposites, etc.
  • Informational books for science or social studies.
  • Math story problems.
  • A sketch book for art or science.
  • Illustrated versions of songs or poems.
  • Observation logs for field trips.
  • A final version of a wonderful writing workshop.
  • Story retellings.
  • Pattern books (I see a…, My mom is…, A … goes fast.).
  • Recipe books.
  • “How to…” books.
  • Gift books for special occasions.