The Gift of Literacy

Make a gift to support a literate life for all children

Young readers

Your gift to the Susan Scherer Charitable Foundation Keep Books Support Fund at The Ohio State University will help provide critically needed extra reading support materials at no cost to school districts and community organizations working to impact child literacy.


No matter the amount, your donation makes a difference. You can choose to make a one-time gift or make a monthly contribution.

For as little as $35, you can provide 40 books to a qualifing classroom or agency in great need.

Consider starting a collection with friends and family. Giving amounts of $150 delivers 200 books, and $200 doubles the amount to 400 books.

All books are produced by Ohio State educators and literacy experts.


College of Education and Human Ecology Pillars

The College of Education and Human Ecology has developed a set of five foundational pillars. At Keep Books, our work focuses especially closely on the Early Childhood and Urban and Rural Education pillars.

College Pillar: Early Childhood

Early Childhood

Taking a whole family approach, we work with community partners to grow comprehensive, wraparound services that meet young families’ basic needs. We are defining new strategies to work across the lifespan, starting with our youngest children.

College Pillar: Urban and Rural Education

Urban and Rural Education

By forming unique partnerships with communities, both urban and rural, we can close education gaps and improve lives. Concurrently, we deepen our college students' learning, energize our academic and research agendas and inform new policies.